Three-Year-Old Program

At Warrandyte Kindergarten, we provide a flexible, emergent play based three-year-old program. We believe that children’s learning is embedded when it is taught within their prior knowledge and to their strengths. Therefore, our indoor and outdoor environments are reflective of the children’s abilities, cultures, interests, and the local community. To achieve these understanding we embrace collaborative partnerships between children, families, educators, community and specialist so that holistic understanding can be gained. Strong relationships are also important in developing a sense of belonging and security for children.

We believe that when children feel connected, safe and supported they are able to develop the confidence required to explore, create, experiment and communicate. Playing and learning with others is supported as children are able to gain understandings of diversity and share their thoughts and ideas. This, in turn, challenges and extends their thinking which builds on their prior knowledge and skills and optimises all developmental outcomes.

The children gaining a sense of community and an understanding that they are effective community members is an important part of our program. Through this learning, children learn how they are able to affect and be affected by others and the environment. Local community excursions and our kitchen garden are used to support understandings of diversity, sustainability, well-being both physical and spiritual and cognitive learning such as science, mathematics and language.

The timetable for our three-year-old program in 2019 appears here. Every child attends two three-hour sessions (a total of six hours per week).

Four-Year-Old Program

The four-year-old program is a further extension of the three-year-old program.  We aim to build on the children’s strengths, skills and abilities.  We use a combination of child-initiated, intentionally-planned, family, community and seasonal interests to scaffold the child’s learning.

As children learn in various ways, we create the play environment as a ‘third teacher’ to encompass the many styles of learning that the children may exhibit.  This may be verbally, mathematically, visually, rhythmically, kinesthetically, interpersonally, intrapersonally or in a naturalist manner (Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences).  We create a learning environment that allows all children to experience success. 

We encourage the children to explore the various dispositions of learning such as curiosity, co-operation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity in ways that are meaningful to them.

This then enables the children to develop a range of learning skills and processes…such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesizing, research and investigation, which are ongoing and built on (scaffolded) further the more they engage in their play.

Our kindergarten is a community within a community, and all children, educators, and families are encouraged to participate in any manner that is relevant and appropriate to them in creating an amazing learning environment for all.

You never stop learning no matter what stage of life you are in!  Let’s share this joy of learning with our children.

Click here for the 2019 kindergarten timetable.