Gum Leaves

The gum leaves in our logo represent Manna Gum leaves, which hold great significance to the Wurundjeri people, the Traditional Custodians of this Land. The Wurundjeri people present Manna Gum leaves to visitors to the land as a welcome to everything from “the tops of the trees to the roots of the earth". This gift of Manna Gum leaves represents a symbolic link between the Wurundjeri people and visitors to the land and also represents an understanding that visitors will show respect for the land and respect for the children, and will honour the spirits of the ancestors of the Wurundjeri people who have nurtured the land for many thousands of years. 

The silhouettes of children in our logo represent the fun and explorative learning and play which our children experience at Warrandyte Kindergarten.  

Our Committee of Management, as parents of children at Warrandyte Kindergarten, together with our Teachers, all concluded that “Explore. Discover. Grow” perfectly encompassed each child’s experience at our kindergarten and our beautiful kindergarten setting which facilitates this.